Here at Savarino Studio we want your appointment to be fun not stressful. 

Here are some simple tips on looking good and getting ready.





For your first outfit, you'll want to choose something classic. It is likely that a portrait in this outfit will go in the yearbook or as a wall portrait for your home.

Sweaters, suits and dresses work well for these portraits. Solid colors of medium or dark tones are the best for these photographs. Be sure this is your first outfit.

Once the first outfit is done, it's time to show us who you really are. This is the time to wear the bolder colors or the trendier clothes in your wardrobe.

 Here are some points to keep in mind when you are choosing your outfits.


* Make sure it fits! Clothes that are oversized aren't your best choices because they aren't as flattering as clothing that fits you.

   On the other hand, overly tight clothing won't flatter you either.

* Color. Choose colors that are flattering to your skin tone.

* The right neckline can make your portraits. If you have a long neck, choose a turtleneck or high-collared shirt.

   If you have a short neck, a v-neck or crew neck will suit you best.

* A word about shoulder pads. They can make you look larger than you are.

  Always check to make sure the shoulder pads don't show through your clothing.

* Avoid horizontal stripes.

* Sleeveless clothing is not recommended. They tend to make your arms appear larger. 

  A long sleeve garment is always your best choice.

* Too many choices? Bring the outfits that you aren't sure about and we'll help you make your final selections.

* Dress head to toe. Remember all the pieces that make up your outfit. Socks, hose, shoes, belts and jewelry are some of the most commonly forgotten items.

For your first outfit, you'll want to choose something classic. It is likely that a portrait in this outfit will go in the yearbook or as a wall portrait for your home. 

Most guys wear jackets and ties for this portrait, but you certainly do not have to.  Sweaters or shirts also look great.  You do want to choose medium or darker colors. 

White or off-white shirts do not photograph well for this classic look.  A white shirt under a jacket is fine. This should be the first outfit you wear.

After this portrait, it's time to get casual.  You can actually wear something your friends will recognize you in!


* Bold colors photograph well.

* Leather and letter jackets are an excellent choice.

* Long sleeves are preferred.

* Sweaters are perfect for photography.  Solid colors or subtle prints are better than loud contrasty sweaters.

* Make sure you have a fresh shave. Five o'clock shadow cannot be removed through retouching.

* If you plan to have a haircut, try to schedule it at least one week before your session.

   Especially in the summer when a fresh cut may reveal un-tanned skin.

* Make sure to dress from head to toe!  Bring along accessories for each outfit, such as shoes, socks, belts and ties.

* We won't force you to do anything you don't want to do, but remember your family and friends probably see you as a smiler and that is what they want to see in a picture. We generally do 60% smiles and 40% serious

expressions of guys, unless you have a different request.  If it is your choice not to smile, you automatically relieve the studio of

responsibility for additional images your parents might request because of lack of expression.


(We hear from a lot of guys that they had more fun than they ever expected, so leave your worries at home and be prepared to enjoy the experience.)


Express Yourself!

Your Senior Portrait is your chance to shine.  Express yourself by bringing lots of props and accessories to personalize your session.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

         - sports uniforms and equipment - musical instruments - hobbies - collections - fresh flowers

        - cars, trucks, or motorcycles may even be included "Across the Tracks" or "On Location."



Last Minute Pointers (girls and guys)

* If you wear makeup, apply it as you normally would.  Be sure to bring your makeup with you for touch ups.  If you do not wear makeup,

we suggest that you apply some lip gloss and a little mascara.  Concealer on any blemishes is recommended.

* Facial Shine cannot be retouched so be sure to bring along some translucent powder to eliminate any shine.

* Your hands will show in some portraits.  Be sure that your nails are neatly done.

* Avoid a new hairstyle or cut.  You won't look like you!  Please have your hair ready when you arrive at the studio so that only quick touch ups

will be necessary.  Hair cannot be retouched in your final portraits and is your responsibility to make sure that your hair style is exactly as you wish it to appear.

* Avoid the sun for a few days before your session.  A little color is attractive, but don't overdo!  We can't remove the redness of a burn.

* Press your clothing...wrinkles show!

* Your finished portraits will be retouched.  So... if the day of your session arrives and you have a blemish, don't worry. 

We have the ability to take care of it.  Retouching is facial only and your hair and clothing will not be touched. 

Unfortunately, retouching cannot be done on originals.